Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Learn Electrical Engineering or EE Tutorials

From Basic Physics to  Electricity and Magnetism. Basic Electrical Circuits to Electronics. Some good Tutorials in the Web from around the World.

High School Electricity Tutors in French
These are excellent Java Applets to Teach Physics and Electricity for Young Students. Translate it easily using the Google Toolbar. Some good ones are Wheatstone Bridge, RLC circuit under sinusoidal, Moving coil galvanometer and Electrodynamic wattmeter.
Physics and Simulation

EE Tutorials Online Sydney University
Tutorial covers Introduction to PC, Matlab Tutorial, Science & Technology. Introduction to the Oscilloscope and other good tutors are here.
School of Electrical and Information Engineering at Sydney University

Learn Electrical Engineering or EE Tutorials

Basic Electrical Concepts Tutor
Tutorial from the pages of E. J. Mastascusa Professor of Electrical Engineering at Bucknell University. Here Electrical Elements, Digital Signals and Logic, Time/Frequency and Measurements are covered.
Electrical Engineering Lessons Start Page

DC/AC Circuits Reference
These pages are excellent Learning pages for the EE/Science student. Pages on Mathematics too at Physics/Math References by Lewis A. Riley - Ursinus College.
Lew Riley : Physics/Math References

Circuit Basics Quick Reference
Circuit Elements, Circuit Analysis Methods, System Behavior and Sample Problems. This "Things you should know" page is also like a Quick Reference Card for electronics study. Learning itself is a wealth, and only studying with enthusiasm, assimilates knowledge. These pages from American Institutions are a beacon for students and teachers in many other countries. Erik Cheever Engineering Department Swarthmore College. What You Should Know

EE Demos on Circuit Behavior
These are interactive demonstrations of basic circuit concepts. Learning is easy with Edutainment. It also leaves a lasting memory of fundamental theory rules & laws. Good designs are possible only when the Book Knowledge and Practical Tinkering progress synchronously. So learn and build, over and over again, till they anneal into Productive Skills.

This is one-stop shopping for nearly anything you might want to know about electricity and magnetism. From André-Marie Ampère to Wilhelm Weber, from 600 BC to the 21st century, from one end of the World Wide Web to the other: Mag Lab U Learning about Electricity and Magnetism


Basic Electronics
Basics of Electronics
Product Production
Work Discipline
Testing Points
Learning Electronics
Electronics Theory

Production Notes
Prototype Fabrication
Electrical Circuits

Scots Guide Electronics
Engineering - Wikibooks
Design Lab - Jim Svoboda
DC Circuits UOG
Socratic Electronics
Blobz Guide Electric Circuits

Product Design
Product Development
Constant Current Source
Good Voltage Regulators
Insulation Resistance
Digital Insulation Tester
DN Schematic PCB 04
DN Product Design 07

Hobby Circuits
VU Meter Circuits
LED brightness control
555 Incredible Chip
Process Control
liquid level measurement
Thermocouples and RTD
Design ADC Interface uC
Thermocouple Amplifier
IA Instrumentation 02
Temperature on DMM
Optical Proximity Switch
Analog Mux - Data Acquisition

Test Measurement
Instrumentation Automation
NI Test and Measurement
DMM Digital Multi Meter
Oscilloscope in T&M
IA Automation 01
Build Instruments
Tektronix T&M Equipment
Educators Corner – Agilent

Power Electronics
UPS Background
Transformer Connections
DN Power Electronics 03
DN Power Electronics 02
Half Bridge Convertor SG3525

Interfacing Microcontrollers
Embedded Process Control
80C31 8052 Microcontroller
Microprocessors and uC
Embedded Systems Design

Good Voltage Regulators
Relays and Contactors
Potentiometers Trimpots
Prototype Boards Types
Types of Capacitors
Types of Switches
Resistors How they Work
Coils Transformers SMPS
Mains Transformers Types
DN Components Selection 05

Tutor Gadgets
Count-Up Timer
Digital Logic Gates
Electronics Tutors

Teaching Instruments
Charles Proteus Steinmetz
Muntzing a Circuit Design
Teralab Electronics projects
Historical Instruments

Tables, Charts, Videos
Binary and Hex
Resistor Color Code
Ohms Law
Giga, Tera, Pico, Nano
High Resistance Materials

School - Analog Design
DN Analog Basics 06
DN Op-Amps 01
TI Semiconductors

Hobby DIY Garage