Thursday, April 17, 2008

Science Toys - Edutainment at Home

Make toys at home with common household materials, often in only a few minutes, that demonstrate fascinating scientific principles. See also the Science Blog, - Creator - Simon Field

Science Toys - Edutainment at Home

This Website is a valuable resource for students to learn basics and get interested in electronics and computers - delabs

Science Toys - Edutainment at Home

Electromagnetism: - An electric motor in 10 minutes

The motor is simply a battery, a magnet, and a small coil of wire you make yourself. There is a secret to making it (which I will of course share with you) which is at the same time clever and delightfully simple.

Other Projects - Fun with High Voltage, A 10 minute railgun, A 30 second motor.
    Radio: A quick and simple radio

    The reason a crystal radio does not need any batteries is the amazing capabilities of the human ear. The ear is extremely sensitive to very faint sounds. The crystal radio uses only the energy of the radio waves sent by radio transmitters.

    Others are Building a radio in 10 minutes, Build a portable crystal radio, A radio out of household items, A simple AM transmitter, The Three-Penny Radio.
      Computers and Electronics: A Computer Controlled Transmitter

      In this project we will build a very simple radio transmitter that you attach to a serial port on your computer. The computer then runs a free program that converts words you type into radio signals that are decoded by another computer, using a cheap radio receiver, and a sound card.

      More - A Free Space Laser Data Transmitter, Fun With Solderless Breadboards, A Simple 1 Watt Amplifier


        Basic Electronics
        Basics of Electronics
        Product Production
        Work Discipline
        Testing Points
        Learning Electronics
        Electronics Theory

        Production Notes
        Prototype Fabrication
        Electrical Circuits

        Scots Guide Electronics
        Engineering - Wikibooks
        Design Lab - Jim Svoboda
        DC Circuits UOG
        Socratic Electronics
        Blobz Guide Electric Circuits

        Product Design
        Product Development
        Constant Current Source
        Good Voltage Regulators
        Insulation Resistance
        Digital Insulation Tester
        DN Schematic PCB 04
        DN Product Design 07

        Hobby Circuits
        VU Meter Circuits
        LED brightness control
        555 Incredible Chip
        Process Control
        liquid level measurement
        Thermocouples and RTD
        Design ADC Interface uC
        Thermocouple Amplifier
        IA Instrumentation 02
        Temperature on DMM
        Optical Proximity Switch
        Analog Mux - Data Acquisition

        Test Measurement
        Instrumentation Automation
        NI Test and Measurement
        DMM Digital Multi Meter
        Oscilloscope in T&M
        IA Automation 01
        Build Instruments
        Tektronix T&M Equipment
        Educators Corner – Agilent

        Power Electronics
        UPS Background
        Transformer Connections
        DN Power Electronics 03
        DN Power Electronics 02
        Half Bridge Convertor SG3525

        Interfacing Microcontrollers
        Embedded Process Control
        80C31 8052 Microcontroller
        Microprocessors and uC
        Embedded Systems Design

        Good Voltage Regulators
        Relays and Contactors
        Potentiometers Trimpots
        Prototype Boards Types
        Types of Capacitors
        Types of Switches
        Resistors How they Work
        Coils Transformers SMPS
        Mains Transformers Types
        DN Components Selection 05

        Tutor Gadgets
        Count-Up Timer
        Digital Logic Gates
        Electronics Tutors

        Teaching Instruments
        Charles Proteus Steinmetz
        Muntzing a Circuit Design
        Teralab Electronics projects
        Historical Instruments

        Tables, Charts, Videos
        Binary and Hex
        Resistor Color Code
        Ohms Law
        Giga, Tera, Pico, Nano
        High Resistance Materials

        School - Analog Design
        DN Analog Basics 06
        DN Op-Amps 01
        TI Semiconductors

        Hobby DIY Garage