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Monday, August 24, 2009

Marshall Leach - Georgia Institute of Technology

W. Marshall Leach, Jr., is a Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology in the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering.

Marshall Leach - Georgia Institute of Technology

His areas of Interest are Electromagnetic theory, audio, electroacoustics, electronic circuit design, instrumentation, low noise electronic design, and electromagnetic compatibility.

He Teaches many EE Subjects, some are ..

  • Analog Electronics and Op Amp Design
  • Microelectronic Circuits
  • Audio Engineering and Low Noise Electronic Design
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility

See also Greg's Download Page - A wealth of free software for electronics projects.

Something for the DIY People

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Hans Christian Ørsted - Electromagnetism

Hans Christian Ørsted - Electromagnetism

"He found that the magnetized needle of a compass was deflected whenever the electric current through a voltaic pile "

Google the pages of Hans Christian Ørsted

Hans Christian Ørsted - Electromagnetism

Image from Hans Christian Ørsted - Billedgalleri