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Friday, October 14, 2016

Mains Voltage and Power Circuits

Mains Power means the 230 V AC 50 Hz or 110 V AC 60 Hz in some countries, The lower power line like 5A is used for small lamps and fans. The higher power line 15A is used to drive the High Power Electrical Appliances like Heaters and Motors. This is a single phase supply.

Mains Voltage and Power Circuits

Single phase Supply in layman language means a Live, a Neutral and an optional earth. The earthing is a must in every building along with lightning protection. The Neutral is a close to earth potential, The live can give a shock to a man who is in contact with earth at some part of the human body. So great care has to be taken. This live wire or point can be easily checked by a quality standards approved Neon Tester.

Voltmeter and Ammeter

Three phase supply - there are three Live wires, used in factorys and apartments to power bigger loads and Motors. A 3 phase AC motor is very efficient and economical and most machines like Drills and Lathes are powered by AC Motors. 3 phase supply becomes essential for industry.

The voltage is transmitted and supplied to houses at a high level in comparison to low level of batteries. This High Voltage is not safe but Inevitable, as transmitting at lower voltage means greater current carrying requirements of wires and connectors. That leads to more copper or aluminum usage, more wastage of power due to I2R.

Earthing has to be good, use a Earth Leakage Trip Device. If earth wire gets snapped outside and some appliance is leaking, the metal clad appliances may give shock. Even if no appliance is leaking, the current thru y-capacitors of EMI Filters in Electronic Gadgets like computers are enough to make your Neon tester glow.

The Circuits related to Mains Power

Thursday, October 13, 2016

DSP and VLSI Tutorials and Courses

Some VLSI System Design Topics for study at  EECS Course WEB Sites. Many other sites below.

VLSI Home Page of Dr. Jim Plusquellic  - Many CMOS VLSI Design Information for Students.  

Unified view of technological, architectural and design-related aspects of VLSI systems... VLSI design flow

Very-large-scale integration

Very-large-scale integration

Very-large-scale integration (VLSI) is the process of creating integrated circuits by combining thousands of transistors into a single chip. VLSI began in the 1970s when complex semiconductor and communication technologies were being developed. The microprocessor is a VLSI device.

Current information on Embedded Systems for uC and ASIC Designers. Inside DSP - signal processing monthly. BDTI's Pocket Guide - guide to processing engines for embedded applications covers DSP processors, CPUs, microcontrollers, and FPGAs. DSP Dictionary too.

Berkeley Design Technology, Inc. -- Free Information

DSP Basics course online course which is free. Developed in 1998 it is light-weight but a valuable start for people new to DSP or in need of a refresher

Johns Hopkins University Signals Systems Control

The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing By Steven W. Smith, Ph.D. - Free DSP Book

Tutorials in Communications Engineering

"This website offers tutorials I have written on various topics in analog and digital communications that will help you cut through this complexity. I keep adding to this collection, albeit very slowly."

Charan Langton

The Java- Digital Signal Processing (J-DSP) editor is an Internet based signal processing laboratory that provides hands-on learning experiences in distributed learning environments

This site provides the current version of the book Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing by R.M. Gray and L.D. Davisson since 1999, popular independent internet resource for Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engineers.

Prosig Noise & Vibration Measurement Blog

This tutorial with Java Applets is good to start with for DSP learning. DSP is a part of Embedded Processing. Also where Real Time Analog Meets Digital. Not that you will need DSP for everything. Simple equations can be implemented without DSP, but is an entry into the DSP world.

When complex waveforms in Audio / Video needs to be synthesized / manipulated. RF Communication related calculations too. More power and focus on math and speed makes dedicated DSP devices / software / specialization inevitable.

Digital Signal Processing Tutorial

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Learn Electrical Engineering or EE Tutorials

From Basic Physics to  Electricity and Magnetism. Basic Electrical Circuits to Electronics. Some good Tutorials in the Web from around the World.

High School Electricity Tutors in French
These are excellent Java Applets to Teach Physics and Electricity for Young Students. Translate it easily using the Google Toolbar. Some good ones are Wheatstone Bridge, RLC circuit under sinusoidal, Moving coil galvanometer and Electrodynamic wattmeter.
Physics and Simulation

EE Tutorials Online Sydney University
Tutorial covers Introduction to PC, Matlab Tutorial, Science & Technology. Introduction to the Oscilloscope and other good tutors are here.
School of Electrical and Information Engineering at Sydney University

Learn Electrical Engineering or EE Tutorials

Basic Electrical Concepts Tutor
Tutorial from the pages of E. J. Mastascusa Professor of Electrical Engineering at Bucknell University. Here Electrical Elements, Digital Signals and Logic, Time/Frequency and Measurements are covered.
Electrical Engineering Lessons Start Page

DC/AC Circuits Reference
These pages are excellent Learning pages for the EE/Science student. Pages on Mathematics too at Physics/Math References by Lewis A. Riley - Ursinus College.
Lew Riley : Physics/Math References

Circuit Basics Quick Reference
Circuit Elements, Circuit Analysis Methods, System Behavior and Sample Problems. This "Things you should know" page is also like a Quick Reference Card for electronics study. Learning itself is a wealth, and only studying with enthusiasm, assimilates knowledge. These pages from American Institutions are a beacon for students and teachers in many other countries. Erik Cheever Engineering Department Swarthmore College. What You Should Know

EE Demos on Circuit Behavior
These are interactive demonstrations of basic circuit concepts. Learning is easy with Edutainment. It also leaves a lasting memory of fundamental theory rules & laws. Good designs are possible only when the Book Knowledge and Practical Tinkering progress synchronously. So learn and build, over and over again, till they anneal into Productive Skills.

This is one-stop shopping for nearly anything you might want to know about electricity and magnetism. From André-Marie Ampère to Wilhelm Weber, from 600 BC to the 21st century, from one end of the World Wide Web to the other: Mag Lab U Learning about Electricity and Magnetism